Welcome to the world of Sharranos

Princess is our pretty 4 year old girl.
Sharrano's are a very cute little dogs that are under 6lb when fully grown. Many are smaller than that as adults, like Princess to your left who is 4lbs. They are sweet and loving little dogs that enjoy sitting on their owners lap. Happy, outgoing, funny and bold in personality, they are a joy to own and love. The puppies are fun and outgoing and, really easy to house train. 

Originally these little colorful happy dogs came from several breeds. Although they are not yet registered with a kennel club, Pedigrees are being kept for the future. They come in both long coat and short coat and have a docked tail and are a square built dog with large pointed ears similar to the Papillon and Miniature Pinscher.
It's origin also has the Foxy looking Pomeranian in it. 

Look through our site to find more information on these little dogs. 

Tootsie with Ashley